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Leader Steel ventures into trading and processing of minerals since early 2005, this includes iron ore, manganese, mill scale, slags, etc. The Group started off with trading of iron ore from Malaysia to China. Today, Leader Steel trades minerals from all over the world, both export from Malaysia or offshore trade internationally.

Leader Steel has shown progressive growth in its worldwide sales of iron ores, with recorded total combined sales of not less than 5 million metric tons over the past 8 years, Leader Steel has shown impressive results which given clear testimony in its seriousness and commitment as one of the recognizable international iron ore trade players.

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Iron Ore Activities In Malaysia

iron ore mining In Malaysia, iron ores sourced from various locations in several states in Peninsular Malaysia are processed and refinanced at the processing yard before being exported. Currently, with numerous mine concessions in operation, we have reasonable size of iron ore deposits locally at our disposal.

Global Activities

iron ore Besides local sourcing, Leader Steel consistently sourcing the minerals in North and West Africa, South America, Center Europe and South East Asia, where these locations have high quality mineral reserve base.

Moving forward, this business promised an exciting growth potential. In the simplest view, iron ores are "hard commodities" or in another word, is not replaceable. Yet, demand for this commodity undoubtedly will increase, inevitably resulting in continued growth. Venture into this business by the Group will ensure a firm footing in this industry.